Bed and Breakfast Planner Reservation Calendar

Our Bed and Breakfast Planner Reservation Calendar will help you manage up to a 5 room Bed and Breakfast. We have run a bed and breakfast for 20 years and there is many times when we rely on our Bed and Breakfast Planner Reservation Calendar. When that phone reservation calls have your Bed and Breakfast Planner Reservation Calendar at your fingertips. Some people won't wait while you struggle with your computer or on-line systems.

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(January 2016 to Dec 2017)

Bed and Breakfast Planner Reservation Calendar features . . .

  • Month at a glance showing up to 5 rooms reservations.
  • Monthly events and appointments.
  • Weekly detail showing up to 5 rooms reservations.
  • Detail customer reservation information.
  • Detail events and appointments.
  • BnBPlanner lets you record your Customer names and booking information.
  • Room for special comments for every customer reservation.
  • Designed to accommodate all of your customers information.


Your purchase includes a download PDF file that you can print out on your printer for January 2016 to December 2017 (approx. 151 pages/year).  Month at a glance, Monthly events and appointments, Weekly reservation details for 5 rooms and detail guest information and event / appointment data. Need extra guest data / event pages, no problems just print them as you need them. You save hundreds of hours designing your own reservation planner or trying to modify a commercially printed calendar not designed for your business.  The planner took many years to design, test and develop to make it a easy reservations planning calendar for your Bed and Breakfast.  We recommend you purchase hole punched paper so you can insert the planner in a binder for easy assess and updating. The product is a electronic copy that you can use for your bed and breakfast business.

Feel free to review it in more detail on  bnbplanner

Download and try B&BJan2016BW.pdf

Download and try _B&BPlannerJan2017.pdf with new weekly planner.
Download and try _B&BPlannerAdditionalForms.pdf

Download and try our new Event planner based from the BNBPlanner _EventPannerJan2016.pdf

Currently available in English but we can product it in other languages but please contact us before your purchase.

Note: Bed and Breakfast Planner Reservation Calendar is delivered as a emailed printable PDF file  in electronic format only.  Designed to be hole punched and be bound or fit in a binder.

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